Provide a strong first impression.

home page template

The home page needs to clearly explain what the product or service is. This should be the first thing a user sees when coming to the home page.

It should help users find what they are looking for by highlighting important sections and information.

Customise this template



  • Variations of the .au-body selector such as .au-body--alt or .au-body--dark or a combination of them can be used to slice up the page into horizontal sections of different shades. These variations provide contrast that can be used to reinforce visual clustering amongst different sections of the home page.


  • The first section following the header should contain the headline. Generally a concise summary of what the site purpose is.
  • Position content/sections higher on the page based on their value and/or relevance.
  • For more guidance on content, please see the information on the content guide website.