Keyword list


The keyword list style helps to emphasise and draw the user's eye to phrases that are repeated in a list.


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React Usage

import AUkeywordList from '';

  repeatedName='Department of'
      link: '',
      name: 'Agriculture and Water Resources',
      link: '',
      name: 'Communications and the Arts',
      li: {
        className: 'li-wrapping-class',
      link: '',
      name: 'Finance',


Prop name Type Description
repeatedName string Provide the aria label
items object The text That is repeated in each item
linkComponent string The component used for the child links, optional
items[0].link string The link of this item
items[0].name string The name of the item
items[0].li object An object that will be spread onto the <li> tag, optional
items[0].linkComponent string The component used for the link, optional
dark boolean A dark variation of the component

All other props are spread into the component


Name Type Description
AUkeywordList default The keyword list component

node_modules import

import AUkeywordList from '';

pancake import

import AUkeywordList from './keyword-list';